Stayve Whitening & Lifting Pack features a set of products with a powerful lifting effect. It helps with wrinkle improvement, gives a whitening effect, minimizes pores, and helps remove blackheads. Whitening and Lifting Pack contains high concentration of peptides and natural plant extracts. It strengthens natural skin barrier, moisturizes dry and sensitive skin, improves hydration and elasticity. 


Products included:

Whitening & Lifting Pack 10 pcs x 6ml

Whitening & Lifting Polymer 10 pcs x 1ml

Peptide cream 30ml



Recommended use:

Use the lifting pack before the procedure with BB Glow Ampoules to see faster results.

Use to achieve both whitening and lifting.

Use on clients who have an uneven jawline and sagging under eyes.

Use on clients with dull and textured skin.

Can be used as personal homecare product.







Stayve Whitening & Lifting Pack

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