Stayve BB Glow Gold Booster Kit offers a more special effect than normal daily care products. It provides immediate coverage and long-lasting beauty without overstimulating the skin. 

Stayve BB Glow Gold Booster Kit Serums, combined with niacinamide and peptide are for effective brightening and anti-aging effect.


The BB Glow Gold Booster kit includes:

Whitening Stem Cell Culture x 3 vials, 5ml/each - Stayve Whitening Stem Cell Culture Ampoule contains various plant stem cell cultures, peptides, adenosine, and niacinamide which provide wrinkle reduction and brightening effect and improve elasticity and help to smooth the skin. 

Salmon DNA Gold x 2 vials, 8ml/each - Stayve Salmon DNA Gold Ampule is an effective ampoule that gives an effect of skin regeneration and anti-inflammatory effect.

AC Stem Cell Gold x 2 vials, 8 ml/each - Stayve AC Stem Cell Gold Ampoule is an ideal product for people suffering from acne or skin irritation.

EGF Peptide Gold x 2 vials, 8 ml/each - Stayve EGF Peptide Gold Ampoule is high enriched anti-wrinkle ampoule including many plants’ extracts and niacinamide.

Aqua Stem Cell Culture x 3 vials 8 ml/each - Stayve Aqua Stem Cell Culture Ampoule provides deep moisture into skin, acting as both moisturizer and humectant.

-Covers dark spots, freckles, acne scars, blemishes etc.
-Dewy skin
-Lasting results for up to 4 months, after continued treatment 4-5 times

How to Use:

Place a small amount over your entire cleansed face and neck and smooth it in until thoroughly absorbed. Use in the morning. Avoid direct contact with eyes. If contact occurs, rinse with water and contact your doctor. Can be used in combination with MTS machine.

Stayve BB Glow Gold Booster Kit