This product belonging to the line of South Korean brand Rejuenesse Deep is used for rejuvenation and for adding volume to lost tissues. The name of the product Rejuenesse Deep identifies its ability to influence deep dermal layers. 


Main advantages

High quality and product safety are ensured by 8-stage purification of its components. 

The price for Rejeunesse Deep is lower than for European analogues of the same quality. 

It improves synthesis of collagen, elastin and other components of the extracellular matrix. 

Monophasic filler is easier to correct after the injection under the skin. 


Product purpose

Filler Rejeunesse deep is used for contour lifting and for volume modeling of the following areas: 





thin lips;

facial asymmetry.

It corrects and removes medium wrinkles and creates the effect of volumized lips. It is suitable for intimate plasty. 



A 1,1 ml. syringe Rejeunesse contains hyaluronic acid in concentration of 24 mg/ml. The result lasts from 12 months up to 1,5 years. 


Concentration of hyaluronic acid:

24 mg/ml.



1 syringe of 1,1 ml.

2 needles.



NewMedic Co. Ltd. / South Korea.

Rejeunesse Deep