Filler Neuramis Volume is the densest dermal filler among other products of Neuramis. It is used for correcting visible age related changes, efficiently restores volume of the lost tissues, brings back elasticity and beauty of the skin.  


Main advantages:

High stage of purification and stabilization based on SHAPE technology ensures safety of use. 

It has an optimal combination of viscosity, density and elasticity of product compoments. 

A monophasic structure of gel allows achieving natural look of the corrected areas. 

It biodegrades evenly and is fully excreted from the body. 


The result lasts up to 12 months. 

Product purpose

Filler Neuramis Volume is intended for contour plastics when a patient has deep wrinkles and loose saggy skin. It adds volume to tissues in the areas of temples, cheeks, chin, cheekbones. It fills in nasolabial folds and volumizes lips.

Neuramis Volume