Neuramis Deep – correction of wrinkles and volume modeling without any pain.

Neuramis Deep belongs to the product line of Neuramis and is used for smoothing medium wrinkles and volume modeling. The product is in high demand thanks to its wide area of application, safety and high quality.  


Main advantages

The basis of the product is hyaluronic acid by Japanese manufacturer Shiseido approved to be used in Europe and USA. 

The price for Neuramis Deep is lower than for its European analogues of the same quality (proved by price lists from trading companies).

It has a high level of safety. Thanks to a high quality purification based on SHAPE technology the product does not contain any harmful components. 

A monophasic structure contributes to an even distribution of filler under the skin. 

Procedures are painless thanks to one of the gel components. 

Correction result looks natural and is preserved up to 12 months. 


Product purpose

Filler Neuramis Deep Lidocaine is used in contour plastics for filling in medium wrinkles, removing pronounced folds, restoring volume tissues on cheekbones, chin, for volumizing and contouring lips.

Neuramis Deep