NATURAL RX is clinically tested and specifically formulated for the relief of damaged skin following dermatological procedures such as peeling, TS, IPL, FRAXEL, CO2, and other associated laser treatments.




Nano-sized fibers originating from natural micro-organisms attach near irritated skin and pores. This enables efficient delivery of active ingredients into dermis. Side-effect inhibition: Strong brightening effect through control of NF-kB and SOD Efficiency: easy and effective intensive cooling, soothing and moisturizing. High patient satisfaction: Significant pore and waste cell improvement (cf.Hanrim University clinical report) Safe and approved: does not cause erythema, calluses or edema (Korea Test and Research Institute, 2003)

Plant Stem Cell (Centella Asiatica)

Quick skin regeneration post-procedure.


Anti-wrinkle effect created by controlling secretion of Acetylcholine, which in turn affects muscle contraction in wrinkles through control of SNARE complexes Anti-ageing effect created by controlling excessive secretion of Catecholamine.


Accelerates healing process by stimulating proliferation and segmentation of fibroblast and dead skin cells.




- After CO2 Laser Procedure

- After IPL precedure

- After surgical laser procedure

- After Fraxel procedure

- After peeling procedure



Natural RX Mask 10 sheets/1 box



Natural RX Mask 10 sheets/1 box