We would like to introduce a new generation of BB Glow Pigments ! Are you feeling frustrated that you can’t get the results you want after a BB Glow Treatment? We suggest trying the new, thicker pigments from Meso Camo Master. These pigments offer full coverage, ideal for covering hyperpigmentation, melasma, sun spots and evening out skin tone. Meso Camo Master pigments are also a pump system, eliminating product waste and the worry of pigment oxidation!


Color 10, 30,50 are light colors.

Color 70 is medium dark.

Color 90 is dark.


Specifications of the product:

- 5 pump bottles. Pump system means there are no concerns about shelf life or pigment oxidation.

- Full coverage

- Thick consistency

- Minimal ingredient list, no peptides or botanical extracts, just pigment

- Eliminating potential client’s allergies


Recommendations from BB Glow Academy:

  1. Use with the RX Last Step Mask. The mask will help with any redness after Microneedling, and will make it easier to remove the pigment. The pigment is very thick, thus without the mask it will be very difficult to remove. That mask is the key!!!
  2. These pigments give fuller coverage. If you have experienced poor results after BB glow, try Meso Camo Master.
  3. We are the authorized distributor for North and South America. Please don’t buy knock-offs online, your results will suffer!
  4. Meso Camo Master doesn’t contain any peptides, botanical extracts or hyaluronic acid like Stayve serums. I would suggest using them with Stayve Meso Serums to add extra peptides and antioxidants to your BB Glow Treatment.
  5. All of this is taught during the class. If you are not familiar with Stayve or Meso Camo Master Serums please register to learn more.

Meso Camo Master - One color