Hyaluronic Pen and BB Glow Private Training.

Take your Hyaluronic Pen and BB Glow education to the next level with our VIP private lessons. With Hyaluronic Pen Private Lessons and BB Glow Lessons, you will receive the instructor's undivided attention from start to finish. There's no better way to learn Hyaluronic Pen and BB Glow.

VIP Private Lesson
-$2500 Total
-$500 due at time of booking
-$2000 due on the day of the VIP class

After the deposit has been paid, the instructor will contact you to schedule the class. Please allow up to 3 business days for the instructor to contact you. 

During the course, you will work on live models while under the watchful eye of your instructor. 

The Hyaluron Pen part of the course covers: 
- Overview of the Hyaluronic Pen
- Review of Hyaluronic Acid
- Instruction on the different types of fillers
- Instruction on the different types of treatments: lips, smile lines, and mesotherapy.
- Aftercare procedures

The BB Glow part of the course covers: 
- Overview of the BB GLOW treatment and micro-needling procedure. 
-Guidance on appropriate pen selection for micro-needling. Needle length selection.
- Introduction to the products: PHYSIOLAB, MESO White Serums, masks, gels.
-Basic hygienic requirements for the procedure
-Aseptic and antiseptic procedures. Guidance on safety in work and sterilization.
-Anesthesia for the procedure and anti-shock protocols
-Procedure protocol.
-Client Agreements and Post-treatment care
-The financial side of the procedure
-Introduction to Invasive and Non Invasive Carboxy Therapy.
-Benefits of carboxytherapy.
-Introduction to LED Therapy
-Workstation Setup
-Product Knowledge
-Client Consultation
- Application Practice with Instructor


We have instructors available for private training in:

- New York City
- New Jersey

- Boston

Instructor in Boston: Katrina Morozova

Instructor in New York City and New Jersey: @tatianasarlo 


*If you live nearby any of these cities, you can book your training. If you don't, wait until this list is updated with your city.
*Instructors only teach in professional salons.

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