Who is Florenskaya?

Anastasia Florenskaya is an internationally-acclaimed microblading and semi-permanent makeup master. Serving as a trainer for European IColor Academy and Plasma-Liner Academy, Florenskaya has traveled the world training professionals in the latest techniques and treatments. She often serves as a judge for international competitions and is frequently invited to speak at conferences and seminars. 

In addition to her impressive background, she is the author of several unique techniques. She is the creator of Florence Lips, an advanced lip micro pigmentation technique. She also developed the Powder Hair Stroke Technique, a pin-dot pigment application technique to create the appearance of fluffy, feathery hair strokes for fuller, more uniform brows. 

Florenskaya boasts an impressive resume and is an avid believer in sharing her knowledge and expertise with professionals across the world. Don't miss the opportunity to learn from this inspiring woman. When you register for her workshop, you'll have the exclusive opportunity to learn from one of the most talented women in this industry. 

What techniques are these?

You can learn them separately or all together - pick a class that matches with you!

Florence Lips
Lip Micropigmentation
for darker skin tones
Camouflaging Scars
Ombré Technique
For Brows
Color Tune
Powder Hair Strokes
No Panda Eyes
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This combo training

is is for you!

We're very excited to announce a very special guest instructor - Anastasia Florenskaya. Anastasia is coming from Russia to host these classes to personally teach her unique techniques. Anastasia is an international trainer, creator of several unique techniques, and collaborates with well-known plastic surgeons in Moscow. She undeniably someone you should learn from!  Enroll for this exclusive training right now.



Master Training Anastasia Florenskaya - Boston March 1st & 2nd - 7 Techiques


Master Training Anastasia Florenskaya -On Cape Cod - Feb 21st, 22nd, 23rd


Master Training Florenskaya | Ombré Brows | Powder Hair Strokes Technique


Master Training Florenskaya | Florence Lips | Color Tunes (lips in 30 min)