The BB Glow Academy Masterclass

BB Glow Treatment Masterclass runs over one full day. During the course, the students will work closely with a trainer and live models. Content covered includes the following:

  • Overview of the BB GLOW treatment and micro-needling procedure. 

  • Appropriate pen selection for micro-needling. Needle length selection.

  • Introduction to products: PHYSIOLAB, MESO White Serums, masks, gels.

  • Basic hygienic requirements for the procedure cabinet of the master.

  • Aseptic and antiseptic procedures. Safety in work and sterilization.

  • Anesthesia for the procedure and anti-shock actions.

  • Protocol of the procedure.

  • Agreement with the client. Post-treatment care.

  • The financial side of the procedure

  • Introduction to Invasive and Non Invasive Carboxy Therapy.

  • Benefits of carboxytherapy.​

  • Contradictions.

  • Introduction to LED Therapy. 

  • Workstation Setup. 

  • Product Knowledge.

  • Client Consultation.​

Masterclass Training Agenda

It is the goal of BB Glow Academy to provide our students
with the most thorough, professional, and best training experience possible.
We feel passionate about the success of our students and do our utmost to
provide the highest standard of training in the industry.


10:00 am

Course Introduction & Welcome 

10:30 am

Introduction to Invasive and Non Invasive Carboxy Therapy​


11:00 am

Overview of the BB GLOW Treatment and micro-needling procedure.

11:30 am

Skin Anatomy / How Does BB Glow Treatment Work / Post Procedure /FAQs / Pricing 

12:00 pm

Introduction with BB Serums / How to choose the right color and consistency​


12:30 am

LED light Phototherapy Treatment and its benefits

1:00 pm




We are helping our students explore thrilling career opportunities through skills-based education.

You will leave BB Glow Academy with confidence in your new skills and with the business advice to get you started and ready to experience this exciting profession.


1:30 pm

Procedure Review / Station Set Up for Live Models


2:00 pm

Model arrival / Consultations / Waivers


2:30 pm

Practical / Live Model procedure

Each student will be working on a live model under the supervision of the instructor.


4:30 pm

Q&A + Master Class Theory Test


5:00 - 6:00 pm

Procedure Q&A / Review / Certification

class (9).jpg

Business Starter Kit

BB Glow Treatment training course fee includes a business starter kit which has all the tools and products you require to start working right away including a high-quality Microneedling Pen!

The Kit Includes

1 DermaPen with USB Charger
1 0 x   DermaPen Needles
Stayve BB Glow Serums Kit
5 Carboxy Gel Therapy + 5 Activator Masks
Technical Training Manual
Certificate of Training Course Completion